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We Use Technology and Experience for Transmission Repairs

Transmission repairs are among the most serious and complex issues car owners experience. You might be faced with transmission troubles at some point in the life of your vehicle. When the time comes, you want a mechanic who will diligently inspect every facet of your vehicle to eliminate other causes, and a technician who is honest and forthright. AAMCO Vineland offers just that. We offer free inspections on all our repair services and provide free towing to customers who require a rebuilt transmission. Most importantly, our technicians have the experience needed to get you back on the road.

Mechanic holding clipboard with open car engine

What to Look for in Transmission Problems

Many of our customers have limited understanding of how cars work. That’s okay. We make sure you understand the details of the repair work before we proceed. We also offer an accurate quote. But it helps to understand when it might be time to bring your vehicle into us. Time is of the essence with transmission repairs, and the sooner you come into see us, the better. Some signs of transmission failure include:

  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Delays when shifting from park to drive
  • Rough shifting in general
  • A sensation of your vehicle shifting on its own which is also called transmission slipping

We Put Your Vehicle Through a Battery of Diagnostic Tests

AAMCO of Vineland uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to accurately determine the source of your car difficulties. We also check your transmission and differential fluid, in addition to your transfer case. We take your car out for a test drive, paying attention to how it engages, its drive range, whether it properly up or downshifts, how the passing gears function, and its TCC engagement. We then place your car, SUV, or truck in park, neutral, and reverse, and feel for vibrations and listen for unusual noises. We also:

  • Check shift linkage
  • Inspect vacuum connections
  • Investigate TV/detent cable linkage
  • Ensure harness and ground connections are functioning
  • Visually inspect your engine mounts
  • Check for issues in your axles and shafts
  • Examine your U-joints and CV joints
  • Make sure fluid retention is normal
  • And more

We Use State-of-the-Art Technology to Fix Your Vehicle

Cars have become more high-tech, and AAMCO Vineland has adapted. From the GPS system to the Bluetooth stereo, the electronics in your car play a role in our investigative and repair processes. Fortunately, you can trust our technicians to navigate these hurdles and get you back on the road. We use a wide array of tools to determine the exact source of your car problems. If you’re noticing any worrisome signs that you might be having transmission problems, bring your car to us for a free inspection.

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